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Service Beyond Expectation

“Having engineered mechanical systems since 1982, the most important thing I have learned is that clients expect their equipment to work right from the start, trouble-free day after day after day. I knew that if we could consistently deliver reliable system designs that did what we promised, we would be successful. That has, and continues to be, the key goal of Walsh Engineers.”—Gene Walsh

Business today is fast-paced and demanding. Companies have their own time schedules and ways of doing business. They need and expect the companies they do business with to be responsive to their needs. At Walsh Engineers, another goal is to be big enough to tackle the most challenging projects, while staying small enough to provide very personalized service.

Perhaps the best reason to hire Walsh Engineers is peace of mind. You can count on Walsh Engineers to ask the right questions and listen long enough to find out exactly what you need. You can trust Walsh Engineers to come up with innovative, cutting-edge solutions to meet your unique demands. You can expect Walsh Engineers to follow through, handle revisions and work out problems until the job is done to your satisfaction. And you might even be surprised at Walsh Engineers’ ability to make the whole process interesting and enjoyable.

Walsh Engineers is actively engaged on projects and licensed in Arizona and California, with affiliated licensure in additional states.

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