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San Diego, California

Project Summary

Design and construction of a mechanical and plumbing engineering of approximately 15,508 square feet of office space and 6,475 square feet of light manufacturing space. There were approximately 7 existing HVAC rooftop units serving the existing space to be renovated. 5 of the existing rooftop HVAC units were replaced due to age and current performance based on the scope of work provided. The remaining 2 existing units are assumed to be in good condition and operation. In addition, there were two new added rooftop HVAC units for added zones, a dedicated packed roof top unit was provided for the computer / telecommunications room. Walsh Engineers recommended that the server room be provided with (1) redundant HVAC unit for safety purposes. The Production assembly area will be open ceiling with exposed ductwork. Walsh Engineers evaluated the existing HVAC System which included the existing ductwork routing sizes and zones as they will relate to the new space requirements and provide a recommendation to the owner for discussion. The HVAC and plumbing systems and equipment will not be on a DDC/EMS system. There are two sets of men’s and women’s restrooms, one single multi-sex restroom and a small kitchen. A single 40 gal natural gas fired water heater, manufactured in February 2007, serves these areas. The existing tenant space is equipped with 21 floor drains in the shop that are connected to one of four underground storage tanks at the northwest corner of the property. Walsh Engineers provided demolition drawings for the removal of floor drains. The removal of the lines shall be below grade where they will be capped and filled over with concrete. We provided design for the addition of a flow totalizing meter on the incoming water supply to the tenant suite that is easily accessible for remote reading. Walsh Engineers assessed the current restroom configuration, the proposed architectural design and existing restroom condition to determine what demolition and equipment specifications will be required. One set of restrooms and the single multi-sex restroom were demolished. The following requirements shall be considered for each restroom as written in the scope of work provided by Safran: Each shower shall include one regular and one ADA compliant stool, Hands-free equipment shall be specified for all plumbing fixtures for the facility restrooms, Shower heads shall be less than or equal 1.25 gpm, Minimum of one floor drain with primer for each restroom, Adequate venting and exhaust fans for each restroom.


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